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In the previous post I guided you to a New York concept loft, Witness Apartment that is utilised in various creative ways. Today – as promised earlier – I would like to show you another wonderful concept loft. The talented team of The Playing Circle is constantly on the hunt for exceptional artists and craftsmen to bring their finest creations to a unique loft space in the Dutch capital.  Tomorrow is a big day for them, as they are opening the forth edition of The Loft  – again with a carefully curated, refined furnishing. The Loft will be open from the 14th till the 22nd of January 2017, so for those lucky ones of you who are based in Amsterdam or visiting the city these days, I highly recommend to check out this inspiring space at Vijzelstraat 77 III, 1017 HG Amsterdam. (You can see more information about the event on Facebook.)

The Playing circle has such excellent taste and so much creativity that they could surprise the audience a few times already. The first three editions of the periodically recurring conceptual pop-up store have been great success, that’s why I am sure they will showcase something very cool again. In this post I will show you the previous designs of the team: amazing, naturally illuminated pop-up showrooms, and in the next one I will tell you about the current design of The Loft.

By displaying the products from their collections in a consistent and homelike scene, The Playing Circle not only provides visitors with amazing inspiration for their own homes but also gives them the opportunity to physically engage with the products in real life; to feel, smell, hear and visualise items in a potential interior environment. Everything in the loft can be purchased – all the accessories and bigger or smaller furniture and art pieces. The tasteful contemporary selection promotes a lot of locally sourced products, and the majority of the setting uses natural materials and soft colours.

With their first interior event, the designers wanted to express their values with the choice of products. As they are particularly fond of natural materials, they filled the interactive showroom with a lot of wood, steel, leather, glass, wool and ceramics. Right the first event was picked up by national and international media, giving them many visitors.


The second edition, organised in The Vaudeville Theatre was their winter edition. Creating a loft space in a theatre was an exceptional opportunity and challenge for them. The unusual setup included absolutely characteristic furnitures again.

In order to bring the third edition of the Loft to the next level, the Playing Circle teamed up with some partner brands that time. Cosiness, stylishness and functionality were keywords of their interior design concept again. The third Loft was “inspired by a true dandy with an exquisite taste and an appreciation for quality over quantity.  His home is an oasis within the busy city landscape, where he has collected things from all over the world which all reflect a love for hand-made objects that are meant to last a lifetime. This love for craftsmanship is something which Mr. Benjamin is no stranger to, his Loft is not just a home but also the place where he creates and takes the time to find inspiration.”



The forth edition is opening tomorrow, and I will definitely visit this exceptional and exciting project. I will let you know how it was soon!

All pictures are from entertheloft.com

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