An easy-to-do DIY idea to decorate your wall



Today I would like to show you a super-cheap way to decorate and revitalize any space of your home: washi tape. With this material you can make a real difference in a room in only a few minutes. You only need to buy enough rolls, have to plan the shapes ahead or do it in a spontaneous way if you are brave and talented enough. In my opinion the most stylish color is black – of course! – but you can purchase the tape in various colors.


Screen Shot 2015-09-04 at 18.34.30


Geometric, crystal and origami-like shapes are very popular nowadays, but you can simply use it as an alternative frame for your inspiring pictures, photos, prints. Use your imagination, think about something you like, and be creative. You cannot really ruin your wall, as you can easily remove the tape if you made a mistake or if you don’t like that in the end.

See the following inspiring photos to get your own idea! Just do it!




Screen Shot 2015-09-04 at 18.49.27






Do you remember the picture above from this post?


Find the original source of pictures through my Pinterest board: D I Y – Also check it for more inspiration!

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