I had been planning to start blogging about interior styling, design, decoration, architecture, and basically everything that can be visually inspiring and appealing for months, or even years. Finally, in the Spring of 2015 I took the first few steps to prepare this adventure: I came up with the name of the blog, created an instagram account in order to share those beautiful, lovely pictures I found during my everyday surfings, and I even commenced to think about blog post topics. Apart from the typical trend spotting, thematic, diy posts, or the ones guiding readers to dream homes, I also jotted down some more extraordinary ideas on my list. One of these categories was for example the one that shows how animals – such as this gorgeous flamingo below – can inspire the design of interiors:


Despite all these little steps I still didn’t know how to start the blog. On one hand I was questioning myself “why would people be interested in my opinion?”. On the other hand I had no idea where to begin. Where? What will the first post be about? And the second?

My first solicitude was eased on a sunny day in April 2015 by a reading session on an Amsterdam canal-side and a randomly found photo on the same day. The book I was reading is ‘The Celestine Prophecy: An Experiential Guide’ by James Redfield and Carol Adrienne and the photo I found was this one below, of sculptor Michelle Oka Doner sitting with flamingos.


I guess it hasn’t fallen into place yet for you, dear reader. Don’t worry, I explain!

A kind acquaintance of mine who completely understood my doubts in regards of the “legitimacy” of blogging once gave me the following peace of advice: “A blog can only be successful if there is a story behind it. People like stories. What is your story? Figure this out first.”

…And so when I found this above photo of the artist on that evening and still had the feeling in me of that canal-side reading experience in the afternoon about synchronicity (it means the simultaneous occurrence of events that appear significantly related but have no discernible causal connection) and the role of coincidences in our lives as well as the memory of that picture with the flamingo shown on top of this page, suddenly I found my story:
My posts will neither just randomly nor based on logical connections follow one after the other, but they will form a unique concatenation built on happenstances, thus creating a peculiar story. What’s more, I hope that not only the consecutive posts will connect to each other but there will be – just like in real good stories – reoccurring characters and motives.  Therefore instead of a linear blog structure I would highly prefer to make a structure that is based on analogical thinking. This is going to be my story.

Two months has passed since that brain-storm from April, meanwhile I left my “cool” office job to finally sail for more creative seas and moved back to my hometown, Budapest. There has really been nothing holding me back from starting eszterieur.com but one last question: “ok, but where to begin?”. So, one night I opened the aforementioned book at random (of course..!) and I found the following lines: “The First Insight has us start at the beginning, at the very point of convergence where life’s mystery stares back at us, outside our logical expectations and experience. Becoming conscious of the reality of coincidences and aware of their message and meaning is the first step to evolving consciously and more quickly.” (James Redfield – Carol Adrienne: The Celestine Prophecy: An Experiential Guide, pp.3.)

This quote answered the “where..?” question in me. I knew well that even though there is absolutely no logical reason for that, I will commence the blog eszterieur.com by showing you the New York apartment of the (flamingo fan :) ) sculptor Michelle Oka Doner.

Everything that comes after this post will be the matter of chance (…or not?!). I don’t know what my tenth post will be about yet, I don’t even know what the third will be about, but this is exactly what makes it so exciting.

Please accompany me, dear reader in this journey if you feel like it!

I hope you will enjoy it just as much as I will.



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