Grey Bedroom Walls

j.d. bedroom

Choosing to paint walls gray in a bedroom is not a very common idea and one can be surprised hearing about it. The general assumption might be that gray in a bedroom makes the atmosphere sad and depressing. However, there are many ways to create a fantastic mood with such a brave choice and the result can be an enviably stylish and elegant bedroom. In this post, I will show you how to achieve different, but equally adorable effects and moods in gray-wall bedrooms.


As you could see it in the previous post, gray can create a very intimate and harmonic atmosphere if paired with soft and warm lighting and some romantic accessories:



A light gray classical stepped headboard standing before a light grey wall, white ceiling, soft textiles and some sparkling accessories make a chic and welcoming mood, like in these bedrooms:



For a more dramatic but still classical style atmosphere try out the darker hues, as in these three interiors below. Add some antique stuff, such as crystal chandelier, armchair or side table to the room, use beige or white linen bedding and you will create an absolutely timeless interior where you can feel like a real aristocrat.



Not a big surprise that gray hues, especially dark ones fit the industrial style a lot too:



When combined with beige, the bedroom gets an extremely natural, peaceful and chilled ambiance. The effect can be enhanced with natural materials: cotton, linen, fur, wool, wood:

beige and grey


The combination of blush and gray is very calming too, it is a bit more feminine then beige + gray though.

grey - blush


If you are still a little bit afraid of this color, try to pair it with pops of cheery colors, such as yellow, green and add warm wooden drawers, bedside tables. Playful geometric or flowery patterns also soften the effect of grey a lot.

pop colors


For more masculine interiors a special type of gray walls is highly recommended: Concrete wall! This minimalistic material surely makes a very dramatic and strong effect:

concrete wall bedroom

concrete wall bedroom 2


Gray-wall bedrooms with a lot of white (drapes, windows and doors, bedding, etc) have super fresh, friendly and airy ambiance:

white and grey

finally, this a hint for next post:

j.d. bedroom


I hope you like this colour-inspiration post. Find more inspiring grey-wall bedrooms and the original source of all the above pictures on my pinterest board: ‘G R E Y B E D R O O M
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