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I haven’t written any posts for quite a while as the past few months have been very busy and hectic but in a good way. I spent a couple of months in London, than in Budapest, than in London again, I became a graphic designer (yay!) and have been working on various exciting graphic design projects. I’ve been missing this blog a lot but I just couldn’t find enough time until now.

I hope that even after this long break you’ll still enjoy reading

In the last post I showed you a quick and easy DIY idea: decorating any spaces with washi tape. The picture with skyscrapers on it made me think of NYC so I decided to dedicate this post to New York: inspiration, apartments and little NY themed home decor pieces.

Scroll down to see beautiful pictures that might help you feel like you are in the unique city that never sleeps.





I don’t know how about you but if I have to think of a typical New York home, the first thing that comes to my mind is a spacious, bright loft with enormous windows, high ceiling and spontaneously selected furnitures. Some thing like these:





Brick walls and strip floors are also very popular – and close to my heart:


Wonderful open spaces: kitchen – living – dining rooms:



Elegant spacious bathrooms with huge mirrors and marble!



If you are not one of those lucky people who live in NYC but would like to shuffle some accessories in your home or office space that remind you of New York, you can find dozens of stylish gadgets:




…or you can make your own New York themed decoration:



Find the original source of pictures through my Pinterest board: N E W Y O R K – Also check it for more inspiration!

In the next blog post I will guide you to a New York home, and show you around that amazing interior thoroughly.

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