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In the previous blog post you could see the high-end home of French architect Joseph Dirand (designer of glamorous boutiques around the world, such as Chloé in Paris, Alexander Wang in Beijing, and Pucci in New York, just to name a few). As I promised, today I show you over another masterpiece of this talented interior designer: Monsieur Bleu, a restaurant in Palais de Tokyo in Paris where one can not only enrich with a culinary but also an artistic experience. Just like in most of his works, Dirand combined in this project of 2013 too minimalist details with luxurious materials, classical elements with contemporary ones; and created a heady mix on a grand scale. The result is low-key, intangible, cool and minimal; open and particular, lively and intimate at the same time. This cosmopolitan restaurant was named after a fictional character, M. Bleu, who had been imagined as a cultivated, elegant, mysterious and suave bourgeois gentleman. This fictional character ‘guided’ Diran when designing the grandiose interior of the restaurant. He managed to create an absolutely timeless, offbeat and elegant ambiance.


On the picture above, you can see that the topology of the floor slabs served as a guideline for the scheme. Marble, mirrors, tiles – as well as Michel Boyer’s geometric, rectilinear chandeliers – fill the voluminous space.

Smooth lines and lustrous surfaces in the space defined by a colour palette firmly rooted in black and white, yet gracefully punctuated by noble shades of green along with gold detailing. The soft olive-green tones give the interior some warmth– the same colour that’s found in the Connemara green marble and plush velvet seating:



Marble is the dominant material – it is everywhere. From adorning the floor and the fireplace to encasing the backs of sofas and delineating imposing frames of colossal proportions, the restaurant’s marble features add a subtle decadent edge to an otherwise unadorned space:



Minimal detailing as a framework for a wealth of luxurious materials:



A dash of gold adds to the glamor while warming up the palette:



Intimate seating areas are carved out of the grand space:



Minimally detailed slab of marble door frame almost goes unnoticed, yet its presence is felt:



Bright green velvet layered on a dark green marble to create the banquette seating:



What an interesting view that layering of space can create:


images from by © Adrien Dirand.

It is very heartwarming to see that Joseph Dirand has a predilection for Eero Saarinen side chairs and armchairs. Not only in this project Monsieur Bleu, but also in Le Flandrin, Paris or in the hotel project Distrito Capital Mexico (see these works on he placed many of Saarinen’s oeuvres. If you like his design classics, please see my older post about them.

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