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Like I anticipated in the last post, today I bring you some work space inspiration.

Work spaces have to enable you to get inspired, be focused and sit comfortably for hours. They have to be personal and cosy so that you like working there but they mustn’t detract your attention. Creating the ideal workstation or home office is a relatively challenging task. Not only because many times people don’t have enough space for it in their homes, but also because one has to take into consideration a lot of factors, such as lights, windows, noise, other everyday activities done in the same room, etc.

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The two essential parts of office spaces in your home are the chair and the desk obviously. The rest is secondary: accessories, proper ligths, shelves, stationary, plants, miscellaneous. If you need to work long hours at home, I would recommend you to choose adjustable desk and chair for ergonomic reasons. There is a really handy tool on this page, where you can easily calculate the measures of your ideal work space. It takes into account all the ergonomic aspects and simply by adding your height you can see the ideal numbers of your workstation.

No matter what shape, color, material, style you choose for your desk, but if it is not adjustable, at least make sure that the chair fits under the desk and the height of the desk matches with height of your seat.

The importance of the chair is at least as important, so think about the comfort and protection of your body as well when buying one, not only about the aesthetics. You cannot really go wrong by choosing timeless design classics, such as a Butterfly Chair or an Ant Chair by Arne Jakobsen, a molded fiberglass side chair or a Wire Chair by Charles and Ray Eames, or an Executive Chair by Eero Saarinen. Me, personally, I have a DAW Armchair by Eames in my home office and I love it. Of course, if comfort is more important for you than the look, go for an ergonomic desk chair.

As for the rest, try to find the golden middle path between bleak and overcrowded. Keep in mind that less is more, but still make sure that you like that certain part of your home, since you probably spend a significant part of your day sitting there; so personalize it! Hang inspirational cards and posters on the wall, put enough lightning on or above your desk, place fresh flowers or plants on the table. I also suggest you to invest in stylish stationary, because they don’t cost as much as they can zing and brighten up a work space. Also, if you are that type, search for easy-to-do diy ideas to decorate your wall (the topic of the coming post), desk, lamp or laptop!

I collected some truly inspiring pictures to help you revitalize your work space in your nest. I hope you will them and find them helpful!





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