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As I mentioned in the previous post I like the Jordaan in Amsterdam very much. It is probably the most known neighbourhood of Amsterdam, famous for its narrow streets and small courtyards, the canals, and cool hotspots: shops, authentic cafés, all types of restaurants, lunch & brunch places and bars. I spent a lot of my free time in that area when I lived there. I loved to just simply get lost in the little streets, explore fantastic shops, galleries, beautiful houses and finish the day in a nice café or restaurant. Today I will show you my beloved and often-visited healthy brunch & lunch place in the Jordaan, called SLA.

SLA is actually not just one spot, but they already have five locations in Amsterdam. The one I am going to show you today is in Westerstraat 34. The interiors of all the five spots were designed by Nicemakers, an Amsterdam based designer duo, who make a couple in love by the way. Nicemakers’ wide portfolio consists of private residences, offices, restaurants, bars, nightclubs, hotels (as you’ll see it in my next post!), and even hair saloons. The reason why the SLA team chose them to design the interiors was their unique succinct (and green) taste.  The concept was so successful that they won several international awards with it.

The interior is just like the food you find there: clean, fresh, quality, and simple. The materials used are all natural. White and green are the dominant colors and they are combined with wood, glass and some metal. If you enter this bright and airy place, you immediately feel the “healthy” and friendly ambiance.

The tables and lamps were designed and produced exclusively for SLA, and it is also very impressive, that the concept included a greenhouse.

If you are lucky enough to visit Amsterdam, go and try SLA, you definitely won’t regret it. If you live there, please send me express a take away box! :)











In fine, see some mouth-watering pics of SLA food:





pics from here and here


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