A concept design boutique in the heart of NYC

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When writing the previous post I found out about a unique concept loft in New York City that I wanted to present you, because I was pretty sure you would love it.

One year, four transformations, one space reimagined. Witness Apartment is an extraordinary two-bedroom loft in the very heart of New York City which gives the opportunity to one interior designer every three months to fully redesign it, bring in their own style, vision and team up with emerging industrial designers and established furniture brands to fill this huge space. The 2000 square foot concept loft serves as a canvas for exploration for our digital network and project partners, and provides visitors with valuable ideas and inspiration. It is also possible to purchase our favorite piece of design and art.

 Apart from the above-mentioned things, WA also plans to organize various events. For example DIY crafting workshops to help participants from our fast-paced community slowing down and appreciating the original craft of making; or monthly influencer dinners: intimate dinners, gathering the industry influencers to workshop their new projects and catalyze collaborations. They also want to organize industry talks where industry leaders will be invited to share their experiences and insights through stories in an intimate gathering of like- minded peers and students from the local art and design schools.  What’s more, a test kitchen will also live in the intimacy of this loft that breeds culinary inspiration and innovation. Chefs will be invited to be part of their weekly cooking show where they will be given top of the line technology and the space to explore new flavors and methods free of any restrictions. A custom chef kitchen is in construction and a dining area can feed and seat up to 30 people. Last, but not least, the apartment is also offered as a rental space for still photography and film and is perfect for hosting events with up to 50 people.









Exceptional natural daylight radiates through the home’s 20+ windows where workshops, cooking events, screenings, and influencers dinners are hosted. For more pictures visit their instagram feed!


In the next post I will guide you to another boutique loft with almost the same concept, but in a different city (my ultimate favorite one – guess where!?!) and with a totally different style and design!

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